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简介:该错层购物中心比附近的Willowdale购物中心更大,将位于距离Leppington Station步行距离范围内,占地3.6公顷的街区,位于Ingleburn和Rickard Rds的拐角处。 它将包括一个334个车位的停车场,预计将创造150多个就业机会。

The transformation of Leppington into one of southwest Sydney’s biggest city centres is ready to take shape, with plans for a major shopping centre precinct revealed.


Woolworths, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, has lodged plans for a $32 million shopping centre complete with a supermarket, liquor store and the potential to feature cafes, restaurants, a gym and medical centre.


Planning documents suggest this development could kickstart the transformation of Leppington, stating it has the potential to “be a catalyst for future investment and development”, as well as delivering positive social and economic impacts.


“We’re excited about the opportunity to bring a modern, new neighbourhood shopping centre to Leppington to meet the fresh food and grocery needs of local residents,” Woolworths regional development manager Tony Pratt said.


“We believe the multi-million dollar proposal demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investment in southwest Sydney, and we hope it becomes an important retail hub for the community, as the population grows.”


Camden state MP Peter Sidgreaves also welcomed plans to create a hub for businesses in the area, saying the intention for Leppington is to transition in coming years into a major centre.“I would be very happy to see development happen there in regards to commercial, retail and shopping centres,” he said.

Camden州议员彼得·西格里夫斯也对在该地区建立商业中心的计划表示欢迎,他说莱平顿打算在未来几年转型为一个主要的商业中心。 他表示:“我很高兴看到那里在商业、零售和购物中心方面的发展。”  


The split-level shopping centre, proposed to be bigger than the nearby Willowdale Shopping Centre, would be located on a 3.6ha block walking distance from Leppington Station, on the corner of Ingleburn and Rickard Rds. It would include a 334-space carpark, and is expected to generate more than 150 jobs.

该错层购物中心比附近的Willowdale购物中心更大,将位于距离Leppington Station步行距离3.6公顷的街区,位于Ingleburn和Rickard Rds的拐角处。 它将包括一个334个车位的停车场,预计将创造150多个就业机会。 


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